Skype Lessons

Want to improve your trumpet/cornet playing? Skype lessons are now a real possibility. Why not try a Skype lesson? Lessons are convenient meaning that you don’t need to travel to have a lesson. You will need a Skype account, webcam, microphone and headphones.


I have performed as a professional trumpet player for the last 20 years at the highest level. Having suffered embouchure problems/damage myself, I am well equipped to help others with playing issues. Over 30 years playing and studying trumpet pedagogy gives me the knowledge to help others play more efficiently.

Individual Plan

Each student is different and you will receive your own personalised plan after a 1 hour half price consultation lesson. I have a vast amount of resources available either in PDF or on Youtube.
What can I help you with: Music theory, preparing for performances, come back players, beginners or any other playing issues.


Students who follow practice advice will make faster progress in a shorter time with instruction from a qualified teacher who can guide their progress. I hold a full DBS, QTS and a degree in music from Trinity Music College. I feel I have the tools to help all students, young or old to develop and reach their goals. 

Lesson prices:

 £30 per hour lesson
£110 Bulk Rate for a Lesson 4-Pack (£27.50 per lesson)
£200 Bulk Rate for a Lesson 8-Pack (£25.00 per lesson)


Paypal link to pay for lessons via paypal: